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Having worked and lived in the UK after University for a number of years I found myself looking for a job during the 2008 economic crisis.  This turned out to be the biggest blessing in disguise for me, as I expanded my search across the European continent and ended up with a fantastic opportunity to work in Lausanne, Switzerland (at Galderma SA).  I did not hesitate to take on this opportunity and from April 2009 my journey into Europe began, a journey that has shaped my character, beliefs and educated me on the different cultures in mainland Europe and beyond.  Since 2009 I have been mainly located in Switzerland, I had an assignment for 9 months in Sweden and for the last 18 months or so I have lived in Belgium as well.  I’m now based in the UK again with frequent travels to Spain. 


I have learnt French along the way, I took Swedish language lessons and now I’m learning Spanish.  Throughout these years I have absorbed the various cultures I came across with, learnt how to communicate and cooperate with people from around the globe and made a success of living and working in foreign countries.  Understanding how people from different origins work and operate is just as important as having technical capabilities.  This, I believe, allowed me to successfully navigate my way around professional work and life in multiple European countries.

Hi I'm Pallav, I am from the Midlands in the UK, of Indian origin, born, raised and educated in England (a Master’s Degree in Chemistry).  As with many British Asians, we grew up in a hybrid environment of our Indian and British cultures, with a strong influence from our parents to get an education that they never really had.


Growing up before and after my university days, I was a keen cricketer and, in fact was representing Leicestershire during my teen years and continued to play throughout my twenties captaining my local team for 5 years.  It was an experience which helped mould me into a leader which I have been able transfer into my professional life as well!


Team sports are something I have always been passionate about because you learn to build relations with people across varying backgrounds with sports being the common interest and managing them as a leader challenges your personal capabilities.